Continuing Education

Continuing Education Classes

Anderson Brothers Steamatic, an IICRC-certified cleaning and restoration company with offices in Southwest Michigan, will be offering continuing education (CE) classes targeted at insurance agents, adjusters, property managers, risk managers and staff at universities, colleges, medical facilities and more.

Classes are offered at 4900 Fulton Street East in Ada, Michigan (phone 616-949-2453) and at 7696 S Sprinkle Road in Portage, Michigan (phone 269-327-9950).

Anderson Brothers Steamatic is providing the following state-approved CE courses (Steamatic, Inc. Provider #0919):


DateTopic & Class NumberTimeLocation
3/21/18Aftermath of Fire Damage/Mitigating the Loss (Course #72529, 3 credit hours)9a.m.-noonAda, Michigan
3/21/18Ethics (Course #72533, 3 credit hours)1p.m.-4p.m.Ada, Michigan
3/22/18Aftermath of Fire Damage/Mitigating the Loss (Course #72529, 3 credit hours)9a.m.-noonPortage, Michigan
3/22/18Ethics (Course #72533, 3 credit hours)1p.m.-4p.m.Portage, Michigan
3/30/18Indoor Environmental Quality/Mitigation of IEQ Problems (Course #72535, 2 credit hours)1p.m.-4p.m.Ada, Michigan
4/18/18Molds: Remediation to MTL (Course #72534, 3 credit hours)9a.m.-noonAda, Michigan
4/18/18Ethics (Course #72533, 3 credit hours)1p.m.-4p.m.Ada, Michigan
4/19/18Molds: Remediation to MTL (Course #72534, 3 credit hours)9a.m.-noonPortage, Michigan
4/18/18Ethics (Course #72533, 3 credit hours)1p.m.-4p.m.Portage, Michigan
4/27/18Indoor Environmental Quality/Mitigation of IEQ Problems (Course #72535, 2 credit hours)9a.m.-noonPortage, Michigan

Most classes are three credits each. Breakfast will be provided in the morning classes and lunch provided during the afternoon classes. To register, please call 800-968-2453, e-mail or use the form below.

Continuing Education Class Registration Form


Continuing Education May 4, 2017